Senior Computer Vision Engineer

Haifa - Isreal - R&D


Axilion Smart Mobility enables cities to reduce congestion and emissions using distributed cloud based video AI solutions to map urban traffic conditions and plan the traffic signals network on a city wide scale. Harness all your smarts and enthusiasm and join our team to develop algorithms that effect hundreds of millions of people every day all around the world.


  • Set up and organise development environment
  • Run model experiments and track them
  • Analyse model mistakes
  • Perform statistical analysis and prepare performance reports
  • Deal with packaging the model for deployment.
  • Own the model when it runs in production
  • Refresh and update when feedback loop data comes in


  • Degree Computer Science or Electrical Engineering
  • 3+ years experience in algorithm development
  • Fluent in multiple programming languages including C++ / Python / Java
  • 1+ years experience with deep learning
  • Proven record in shipping algorithms to production

Senior Computer Vision Engineer