We’re delighted to announce that Axilion (TLV: AILN) has become a member of the UITP (International Association of Public Transport).

As the world looks to minimize the impacts of climate change by 2030, public transit remains a sustainable and affordable way of traveling around urban areas. UITP is a passionate champion of sustainable urban mobility and is the only worldwide network to bring together all public transport stakeholders and all sustainable transport modes.

UITP aims to make a difference to its members and the wider sustainable transport community and has over 1,500 member companies giving access to over 18,000 contacts from 96 countries.

Our inclusion as a member will allow us to develop key partnerships with those in the transportation industry, including operators, policy decision-makers, authorities, and other technology firms.

Together we will work together to enhance the quality of life and promote sustainable transport in urban areas worldwide.

Learn how our AI and Digital Twin technology is helping to optimize public transit in cities worldwide >

















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