We’re thrilled to have been chosen to participate in the EIT Urban Mobility SPECIAL: COVID-19.

With the pandemic causing widespread disruption to urban mobility, the programme supports startups developing products to solve COVID related challenges.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused completely new and unforeseen challenges for urban mobility. The “EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator programme SPECIAL: COVID-19” is an EU-funded initiative to enable startups and scaleups to develop products and services targeting urban mobility challenges related to the pandemic.

With COVID-19 making travel patterns more unpredictable than ever, Axilion’s AI-based Cloud Services (SaaS) helps traffic management be more agile, improves traffic networks’ visibility, and prioritizes eco-friendly travel modes.

We at Axilion are delighted to be only one of 23 startups chosen.

Here’s to overcoming the pandemic together!

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