Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Axilion’s AI-based Cloud Services (SaaS) Available Through Microsoft Azure Marketplace

April 2, 2020

At Axilion, we are committed to delivering disruptive solutions, making a difference, and improving city-life for everyone.

Our AI-based Cloud Services are now available for cities and transit operators through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

With the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, one of the biggest cloud vendor marketplaces, this is a significant milestone in Axilion’s history, providing greater awareness and use of our SaaS services.

Our customers will now be able to directly access our cutting-edge X Way suite of Cloud Services on Azure.

X Way generates real-time traffic insights and optimized traffic plans, reducing congestion and pollution, and helping cities reach smarter, more efficient futures.

By utilizing powerful Digital Twin technology alongside extraordinary AI, X way helps cities to:

  • Reduce traffic-related emissions
  • Improve pedestrian safety
  • Eliminate peak-time traffic congestion
  • Prioritize eco-friendly travel modes
  • Cut travel time by up to 40%

X way Available on Microsoft Azure


X Way is available through Microsoft Azure now. Discover more >