Axilion signs a 10-year framework agreement with Netivei Ayalon (Ayalon Highway) to plan, install & improve traffic light infrastructure in real-time, improving traffic flow

  • The AI-based Digital Twin technology developed by Axilion has already been implemented in cities in Israel and around the world
  • Axilon’s unique technology is proven to reduce air pollution, save energy consumption, and shorten journey times up to 47%
  • This agreement complements the 10-year framework agreement Axilion signed with Netivei Israel

Tel Aviv, February 7, 2021, Axilion Smart Mobility (TASE: AILN), which develops and sells a solution for congestion in city centers using a unique technology-based system combined with artificial intelligence (AI), announced that it has signed a 10 year framework agreement with Ayalon Highway.

Ayalon Highway is a Government company that leads large-scale and budget transportation projects in the urban and metropolitan areas of Tel-Aviv and Haifa to encourage public transportation ridership and private vehicles. The agreement with Axilion will allow Ayalon Highway to utilize Axilion’s AI, which has been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Transportation, and implement it at the roads and traffic lights they manage. 

Oran Dror, Axilion’s CEO & Chairman of the Board, commented: “The integration of Axilion’s smart traffic technology into the existing infrastructure of Ayalon Highway will make it possible to improve long-distance mobility and accessibility from city outskirts to city centers. Our AI technology achieves this by creating green waves and shortening travel time on public transit, increasing customer satisfaction and ridership. 

The metropolitan areas that have already invested in Axilion’s AI have reported a reduction in traffic congestion, emissions, and enhanced pedestrian safety. In some cases, public transit passenger numbers have quadrupled. I am delighted that Ayalon Highway, one of the leading and largest transportation and infrastructure companies in the country with focus on the Tel-Aviv Metropolitan, is now joining metropolitan areas such as Haifa and Jerusalem to improve their existing traffic light program on public transportation routes. 

This agreement is particularly relevant at this time. The pandemic has seen a reduction of traffic on our roads, but as lockdowns ease, this will rise again, and it is our mission to work to improve the effectiveness of public transportation systems. Our technology at Axilion optimizes transit systems without the need for costly infrastructure investments, and we thank Ayalon Highway for finding a solution to today’s transportations problems through technological innovation.”

About Axilion Smart Mobility:

Axilion is an Israeli AI company that develops and builds digital cities compatible with Microsoft’s Azure cloud and enables them to reduce air pollution, reduce traffic congestion, streamline public transportation and increase the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and micromobility scooters. 

The company provides software-based and algorithmic-based urban infrastructure for outdated traffic light systems. This gives the ability to “communicate” to produce green waves in cities, prioritize public transit at traffic lights,  ultimately creating dynamic traffic networks. Axilion’s technology has been proven to significantly reduce air pollution and cut travel times by 47%.

The unique technology developed by Axilion includes video technology (Digital Twin) combined with artificial intelligence (AI) that enables real-time monitoring of traffic patterns, as well as simulation and implementation of traffic light programs at intersections, neighborhoods, and even throughout the city. In addition, Deep Reinforcement Learning automates the planning for traffic light plans for entire cities. Axilion’s technology has been developed in association with the Israel Innovation Authority and a team of AI experts. 

The company employs about 45 people in Israel, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Europe.