The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) recently visited the R&D team at Axilion HQ to review our AI development plan and discuss our vision of reducing congestion and improving air pollution in cities around the world.

Mr. Aharon Aharon, IIA CEO, on Axilion:

“The computerization of motor vehicles and their surroundings is causing dramatic changes in the global automotive industry. Reducing congestion and incentivizing people to switch to public transportation is a challenge faced by governments worldwide. The Israeli Innovation Authority which supports collaborations between academia and the business sector, was pleased to support the IP collaboration between the Technion Institute of Technology and Axilion, resulting in its implementation by the city of Jerusalem, assisting in performing continuous optimization of its traffic flow via the use of an AI-based, data-driven insights. Such technology innovations offer the Israeli tech sector far-reaching opportunities to take significant steps leading towards the creation and protection of a digital transportation environment”

Aharon Aharon Praises Axilion

Mr. Aharon Aharon, IIA, CEO


We’d like to thank the IIA for taking the time to meet and their continued support and belief in the technology we create.



Aharon Aharon, IIA, CEO: Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Chair of Israel Innovation Authority; Anya Eldan; Aviv Zeevi Balasiano; and Dr. Nili Mandelbit, Ph.D.

Axilion Team

Dr. Orly Avner; Dr. Evgeny Tenetov; Dr. Amit Haim Bermano; Ofrit Belkind; Dani Daniel; Noa Riklin Sommer; Nadav Orzech; Ilan Weizman

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