Revolutionize Your City’s Mobility

Strike a better balance between traffic, transit, and pedestrians;
reach your carbon emission goals; and create safer streets.

Deep Reinforcement
Learning AI Technology
Maximize Existing
Traffic Infrastructures
Real-Time, Adaptive Control
Smart & Scalable
Hardware Agnostic
Effortless Traffic Simulation
with Digital Twin

Simplify Traffic Management with X Way

X Way monitors, analyzes, and optimizes your city’s mobility through advanced AI and the power of its Digital Twin technology.

X Way Pulse

Captures your entire road-network through AI Mobile Edge cameras.

Gain granular visibility into network activity. Identify traffic issues and their root-causes.

View live network information including details on traffic conditions, pedestrians, and micromobility users through an easy to use dashboard.

X Way Twin

Models your real-world traffic conditions to create a Digital Twin of your city. 

Test, optimize, and access the impact of traffic plan changes before they are deployed through auto-calibrated simulations. Complete “what if” scenario analysis.

Plan entire city grids at one time rather than single intersections.

X Way Neural

Optimizes your city’s mobility continuously through Deep Reinforcement Learning AI technology.

Serve all road users better and streamline traffic.

Prioritize traffic signals depending on your city’s traffic conditions, needs, or response scenarios.

Continuous Optimization

Conventional traffic management platforms preprogrammed in advance and based on snapshot assessments are inefficient in today’s complex mobility ecosystem. Our Digital Twin technology automates the planning, analysis, and simulation processes and uses Deep Reinforcement Learning to continuously optimize your traffic signal network.

Why Axilion

Other solutions
100% autonomous
Relies on human expert for manual back-office “review”
Avg. time saved
Up to 40%
Requires huge effort & resources to achieve comparable results
Setup effort
Seamless setup, maximizing current infrastructure without the need for field installation
Installation of sensors at every intersection, communication lines, etc. required
Hardware Agnostic
AI data-driven predictive insights
Integrated real-time traffic simulation
Continuous time plan optimization
Every few years