Unlock Your Urban
Traffic Potential

Harness Axilion’s AI deep tech to optimize traffic signal timing and
transform them into a smart adaptive network—at scale.

AI-based Signal Timing
Utilize Existing Traffic Infrastructures
Adaptive Control
Smart & Scalable
Hardware Agnostic
Effortless Traffic Simulation

Simplify Traffic Signal Management with the TransEm Suite

Automated traffic signal design, validation and deployment solution that creates green waves and is diligent of pedestrian safety.

TransEm Simulator signal planning

SaaS solutions that incorporate distributed algorithms into any urban network, regardless of size & complexity

Identify optimal cycle length, splits, offset and TSP parameters by synchronizing hundreds of network simulations concurrently.

Compare different scenarios to existing time plans according to HCM guidelines.

Design complex grids effectively with weighted priority.

TransEm AI analytics

Take the guesswork out of adaptive signal planning by considering current traffic patterns and conditions.

Gain granular visibility into traffic activity across complex urban centers.

Effortlessly zero in on critical traffic hotspots throughout the city.

Get actionable recommendations via data-driven, predictive insights.

TramsEm control & optimization of traffic plans

Maintain and transform entire mobility management system as a dynamic urban space.

Maximize traffic signal performance according to insights & recommendations provided.

Update dynamic time plans with more green waves for improved flow.

Control with fully customizable software that adheres to city regulations

Continuous Optimization Approach

Axilion was designed with a continuous-optimization approach. Easy to use and operate, the solution automates the cumbersome, manual tasks of planning and designing traffic signal networks, coupled with a simulation model that provides traffic impact of plans in a fraction of a second. Once optimal scenarios are selected, the data is exported with the click of a button for quick and accurate deployments. AI-based analytics provide you with data-driven insights in order to analyze and optimize to perfection.

Why Axilion

Other solutions
100% autonomous
Relies on human expert for manual back-office “review”
Avg. time saved
Up to 40%
Requires huge effort & resources to achieve comparable results
Setup effort
Seamless setup without need for field installation
Installation of sensors at every intersection, communication lines, etc. required
Hardware Agnostic
AI data-driven predictive insights
Integrated real-time traffic simulation
Continuous time plan optimization
Every few years