Redefining Urban
Traffic Management

With the most advanced and intuitive turnkey AI-based solution

Transform traffic signals into a dynamic, adaptive connected network that reduces congestion and improves pedestrian safety.

Lead the Smart-city Revolution

A smarter future begins with smart mobility: flexible smart signal network for maximum efficiency, more green-waves, less toxic emissions and a safer environment for pedestrians.
Gain Unmatched Visibility
Improve signal planning across multiple corridors or an entire city grid from a single pane of glass.
Optimize Mobility
Create smoother traffic flow via a real-time, adaptive traffic management solution for all road users.
Boost Cost Efficiency
Cut costs associated with traffic congestion by up to 25%.

The New Language of Traffic

Axilion is the only solution that applies innovative AI technology through a city-wide hardware agnostic abstraction layer. This powerful algorithm enables cities to maximize their current infrastructure’s effectiveness via a universal language that is seamlessly integrated throughout multiple networks with a click of a button, for unified communication and smart optimization.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

“This is proven technology that quickly and cost-effectively triggers a virtuous cycle of more reliable transit service and increased ridership, with lower capital costs . It may be the single best transit investment that cities and states can make.”
John Porcari
Former Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Transportation
“As cities struggle with increased congestion from single occupancy vehicles and inefficient forms of passenger ground transportation, mass transit is the solution that should lead the way in transforming cities. But, to lead the way, Bus and Rail systems need to greatly improve the user-experience by significantly reducing travel time and increasing operating efficiency. Axilion is the proven technology to help mass transit get our cities moving again!”
Mark Joseph
Former CEO, Transdev Americas
“Axilion's powerful technology speeds surface transit through traffic that pays real-world dividends, resulting in increased ridership and less capital.”
John Casesa
Former Group VP, Global Strategy, Ford
“We’re living in exciting times when technology keeps redefining our grasp of what is possible. Everywhere you look you see brilliant disruption. Axilion is a great example of how the power of technology can reshape the future of the urban landscape and how we move within it. ”
Gil Agmon