Reduce Pollution
Reduce Congestion
Increase Safety. Today

Axilion (TLV: AILN) harnesses the power of AI to help cities take control of their mobility challenges. Our cutting-edge X Way suite of AI Cloud Services (SaaS), available through Microsoft Azure, generates real-time traffic insights and optimized traffic plans, enhancing urban livelihood.

Mobility the AI Way

X Way utilizes powerful Digital Twin technology alongside extraordinary AI to reduce your city’s traffic-related emissions, prioritize eco-friendly travel modes, improve pedestrian safety, adapt swiftly to changing travel patterns, and cut travel time by up to 40%.
Get a Better View
See your city from a driver’s perspective through unique AI Mobile Edge cameras that identify traffic issues and their root causes.
Optimize Mobility
Improve quality of life for your road-users via Deep Reinforcement Learning technology that continuously optimizes mobility.
Maximize ROI
Save time and resources, transform your city’s mobility without the need for costly infrastructure changes.

The New Language of Traffic

X Way has already helped cities to bring their visions of smarter, safer, and more efficient futures to life. Our success stories include:

140,000 tons of yearly CO2 reduced.
• Public Transport ridership up 400%, and frequency increased by 66%.
• Pedestrian safety increased with reduced casualties at signalized intersections.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

“This is proven technology that quickly and cost-effectively triggers a virtuous cycle of more reliable transit service and increased ridership, with lower capital costs . It may be the single best transit investment that cities and states can make.”
John D.Porcari
Former Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Transportation