Solving traffic,
at Scale

Axilion (TLV: AILN) harnesses the power of AI to help cities take control of their mobility challenges. Our cutting-edge X Way suite of AI Cloud Services (SaaS), generates real-time traffic insights and optimized traffic plans, enhancing urban livelihood.

Traffic signal retiming is stuck in the past

Outdated Static Signal Plans

Signal timing plans remain unchanged for years, failing to adapt to evolving traffic patterns

Underutilized Traffic Data

Despite having abundant traffic data, cities lack the advanced technology to fully leverage its potential

Fragmented Corridor Focus

Focusing solely on individual corridors leads to missed opportunities for comprehensive, city-wide traffic optimization

It's time to take an innovative approach to signal timing

Discover Axilion’s X Way platform, designed to help traffic engineers and managers optimize traffic signal timing with unprecedented efficiency. Leveraging AI-based reinforcement learning, X Way automatically tests tens of thousands of signal timing plans to find the optimal solution. Our innovative digital twin technology eliminates the need for in-field trials, ensuring road safety while enhancing traffic flow. 

Serving state, country, and city traffic agencies